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Definition: restoration of youthful vigor

Mud Treatment


Maybe you don't need a structural tune up. Maybe you need to relax & rejuvenate your body while a professional makes all of the best decisions for you. In these treatments, we are focusing on making your skin healthy, flushing out your lymph system & amplifying your bodies relaxation ability. Some may call this pampering, but we call this self care

Body Treatments


Buff & Hydrate

Jump on our table for a Buff & Hydrate body treatment session. Here, your therapist will exfoliate your body with a silky sugar scrub that will leave your skin feeling super soft. Using hot towels, they'll clean off the sugar & follow it with a relaxing flow to apply a specially curated, 21 blend of hyper hydrating oils. Made in house & mixed by hand, this oil is so invigorating & nourishing, we named it skin food. You can even pick up a bottle to go home with after service if you loved it!!

50 minute base session 

Consider pairing with a Detox Sauna Blanket Wrap, Relaxation Massage. 30 Minute Upgrade, 

Suggested Retail:

Skin Food Hyper Hydration Oil 2 oz 


Blanket Wrap

Infrared sauna's work by heating you up from the inside out, as opposed to heating the environment you're in. We use this to our advantage by creating a sweat induced response. We apply one of three creams to the whole body then wrap you in plastic. We lay you in the infrared blanket for 45 minutes and let the magic happen. We will leave you be checking in on your every once in a while, or you can book an additional service on top of this one to create a unique experience. 

50 minute base session 

Simultaneously book Target Cranium, Target Foot, Ultimate Non Invasive Face Lift. 

Massage Therapy



Designed for clients looking to quiet the mind and calm the body. Move into states of deep relaxation to ease anxiety, stress and tension. Gentle to moderate pressure massage with long flowing strokes will help decrease your cortisol levels and heart rate, allowing your body to fall into a Relaxation Response. 


Therapist will create a treatment plan that is customized based on the clients expressed intention and their career, lifestyle and hobbies. Session is slow to moderately paced.

50 minute base session 

Consider pairing with 30 minute upgrade, hot stone upgrade, buff & hydrate or Sauna Wrap to further customize session 

Potential Modalities:

Swedish . Myofascial Release

Suggested Aromatherapy:

Chill Boost

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Upgrade

Add hot stones to your Relaxation Massage Therapy session to melt every & all tension out of your body. The stones are used in place of our hands giving you a purposeful heated stroke every time one is made. The heat penetrates deep and ushers your body quickly into a relaxation response. 

Reiki Energy

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is an energy healing technique in which a Reiki master  uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy through the client's body to reduce stress and promote healing. 

50 minutes Full Body

25 minutes Energy Boost 

Consider pairing with Relaxation Massage session. 

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