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What is Project Body?


Project Body is a myotherapy clinic using massage therapies, stretch therapy, spa services and personal training to help people maintain a functioning body. Tell us your goal for the bodywork and we'll integrate different services together to create a customized, individual treatment plan. 

What is a PROJECT? 

A PROJECT is an overall goal for the bodywork you are looking to get. It is a 50 minute hands on session unless you need to add a 30 minute upgrade or two.  

Why do I have to leave my credit card on file?


In order to reserve an appointment, you must prebuy the session or leave a credit card on file to hold the appointment. Nothing gets charged to this card initially. If you need to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment, we ask for 5 hours notice & we will reschedule without any fees. If you give less than 5 hours notice, then we need to charge a $25 Therapist Compensation Fee to help us pay for the bodyworker's time. 


You've increased your circulation with bodywork - take advantage of this boost by drinking a ton of water after session. Hydrate thirsty & brittle cells that were struggling & flush out metabolic waste products that were creating toxic environments when stagnant.


Just hyper-hydrate real quick.  

When should I not get bodywork?


Postpone your bodywork session if you are experiencing:

fever - burns - open wounds - contagious conditions (warts, impetigo, athlete's foot) - right after surgery - acute inflammation - pitting edema - heart attack - stroke - alcohol inebriation 


All of our treatment rooms have their own Spotify streaming account. Practically anything is at the tips of your fingers to listen to. Simply ask your therapist to play what you want to listen to.


"Therapist's choice" is an option most clients go with - there's beauty in letting the therapist have creative freedom in their session. They flow better as they jive with their own sounds. 


If you enjoy our custom built playlists, search "projectbody" in Spotify and follow our playlists for instant access.  

What should I wear?


STRETCH or TARGET: athletic attire

Everything Else: it doesn't matter


Most sessions will be done in a private room. Each room has a table covered in sheets & a blanket for the security of the client. Your therapist will direct you to your room & give you privacy to undress down to your comfort level.


Some clients are more comfortable with certain under garments left on during session. Some clients prefer to take everything off. Regardless, your privacy will be kept to the highest most respect. You will be properly draped the entire time. Your breasts, genitals & gluteal cleft will never be exposed. 

How much should I tip?


$16-$22 per hour of bodywork is a good guideline to follow. Everything is appreciated! 

Cash & Venmo are preferred - but we can absolutely run a credit card for your convenience!

Should kids get bodywork?


Especially if they are an over-performed athlete, over-stressed student, or struggling with mental or behavioral difficulties. 

I'm pregnant!


That's awesome! Congrats!

Let us know during booking so we can match you with the right bodyworker. Some of our therapists hold additional certifications in pregnancy massage & are more confident in handling your needs!

What are points?


Points are our way of keeping track of what we owe you. 

50 points = 1 Hour Bodywork

25 points = 1/2 Hour Bodywork

Members can gain points to pay for future bodywork by prebooking (3 points), Dead Zone (8 points), referring a friend (5 points).


How do I get points?


Become a Maintenance Member!

If you know you're going to get at least an hours worth of bodywork every month, it's worth taking advantage of. Pay $80 once a month for a 1 hour session.

Members are entitled to the following benefits:

3 Point Prebook Bonus

15 Credit Yelp or Google Review

8 Point Dead Zone Credit

5 Point Referral Credit

20 Point Referral Sign Up

Can I get a Happy Ending?


Sorry, buddy. 

Those kinds of requests will result in us calling the police. While we respect the sex work field, we ourselves are not sex workers.


We have a Zero-Tolerance policy when it comes to inappropriate touch & talk. Don't engage in it & put us in that uncomfortable position or else you will be banned from all Project Body locations. 

Our employees should have the highest standards, but if you feel that they crossed an inappropriate touch & talk boundary, please contact us immediately.

What is the Maintenance Membership program?


For $80 once a month, you get a 1 hour session valued at $110 or 2 25 minutes valued at $55. If you don't come in one month, it rolls over to the next month. Share with friends & family for free. This is a month to month agreement so cancel whenever we are no longer convenient for you. If you do fulfill 12 consecutive payments, we will give you a FREE one hour (valued at $110)


What's with the dog?


This is our boss, Toaster, the English Bulldog 

You'll find her playing the roll of living white noise machine as she snoozes away in her broken bucket.

And no, she's not interested in a legit dog bed,

of course we've already presented

her with boujier options.


You will easily outrun this potato.

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