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Movement. Done easy.

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While you should totally stretch on your own daily, there is something very magical about getting somebody else to do it for you. You can focus on breathing & being in the stretch versus thinking about how long to hold it, what move you should do next, are you even doing this right?

We use Assisted Isolated Stretching, Proprioceptive Neuro Facilitation, & Range of Motion movements to customize the best Assisted Stretch Therapy Session for you.

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Enhances Flexibility & Mobility

Re-establishes Mind-Body Connection

Improves Muscle Coordination

Reduces Pain, Muscle Tension & Immflammation

Makes Muscle Adhesions Pliable

Enhanced Muscle & Fascia Pliability
Reduces Injuries 

Increases Circulation

Improves Strength & Performance

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Session Goals

  • Unstick stuck Muscles & Fascia 
  • Turn off hyper active muscles & Activate Dormant Muscles
  • Create a supported environment for body & brain to learn movement is safe again
  • Make ya longer & stronger

Who needs this?

Literally EveryBody


1 or 2 x 
a week

Strong Woman
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